"Your vocation is the place God calls you to where your deepest happiness meets the world's deepest hunger."- Frederick Buechner


"On his deathbed, Francis said to his brothers:' I have done what is mine to do; may Christ teach you yours.'"- Major Legend of St. Francis by St. Bonaventure 14:3


Living the Gospel...Making a Difference


The Capuchin Franciscans are inspired by the life and ideals of St. Francis of Assisi- dedicated to serving those in need, living a simple lifestyle together as a community of brothers, and drawing closer to the Lord through common and private prayer.  

Are you looking to understand God’s will in your life and what God is calling you to? Are you looking for fulfillment? Are you looking for a life of brotherhood, prayer and service to the poor? If you are asking yourself these questions, maybe God is calling you to consider the Capuchin Franciscan way of life.

While every person is called to serve God through humble service of our neighbor, there are many ways to live out this calling.  The Capuchin Franciscans, like other Franciscan groups and other religious communities, aim to live the Gospel life in a spirit of fraternity, ministry, and prayer.  What makes the Capuchins so unique, however, is their emphasis on being contemplatives in action.

In other words, the goal of each Capuchin friar, no matter what ministry he is engaged in, is to be a contemplative.  But it does not and it cannot stop there.  Once the friar sees and experiences God's presence in every part of our world, he then works, in whatever way he is called to do, toward making sure that the light of Christ is not being obscured by ignorance, poverty, or injustice.  The Capuchin friars, lay brothers and priests, are able to do this through an incredible diversity of ministries and opportunities that empower the people they serve to become the best persons they can be.  

"Inspired by God, St. Francis initiated a Gospel form of life that he called a brotherhood according to the example of the life of Christ and his disciples."  Capuchin Constitutions 83:5


On August 23, three men entered our postulancy program in East New York.   There they began to live the Capuchin life and there they will continue their discernment of God's will for them.  We are truly blessed to have them among us, and as they bring their gifts and their eagerness to serve God's Church, they will greatly enrich our Capuchin fraternity.

          David Birkdale                       Scott Leet                       Francisco Serrano


To read reflections by our new postulants, please click here.    http://www.capuchin.org/vocations/stages/Reflections_FriarsinPostulancy




On November 30, the Church began the Year of Consecrated Life, an opportunity to celebrate all that religious men and women contribute to the life of the Church and to learn more about their particular way of life.  To read more about all that is happening in our province and beyond to celebrate this special year, please click here.  http://yearofconsecratedlife-provinceofstmary.com/

To see a video of some of our friars sharing their experience of consecrated life, please click below.




We thank you for your interest in the Capuchin Franciscans and we invite you to explore the rest of this web site to find out more about who we are and what we try to offer to the people of God. If you are a Catholic man between the ages of 18 and 40, perhaps we could assist you in your discernment process.  We invite you to contact Brother Tim Jones, O.F.M., Cap., Director of Vocation Ministry, to learn more about our way of life, our ministries and answer any questions you may have.

Brother Tim Jones, O.F.M., Cap. can be reached at St. Joseph Friary, 34 South Chestnut Street, New Paltz, NY 12561; or 845-642-1025; or brotimjonesofmcap@gmail.com.


Read our latest Vocations newsletter

Read our latest Vocations newsletter

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Reflections on consecrated life

Reflections on consecrated life

To see a video of some of our friars reflecting what inspired them to become a Capuchin, please click below. Some are relatively new to our life and some have been Capuchins for many years, but they all have much wisdom to share.

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The vocation story of one our recently ordained friars

The vocation story of one our recently ordained friars

Please click the link below to read the vocation story of Fr. Erik Lenhart, O.F.M., Cap., one of our recently ordained friars. It's a wonderful story of a relationship with God that is now being expressed in Fr. Erik's good work as a priest.

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