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In the spirit and tradition of St. Francis of Assisi, Capuchin Family Ministries (CFM) is rebuilding today’s Catholic Church by reaching out to young people and their families through retreats, parish ministry, and service to the poor. Lives are changed. The CFM community nurtures faith, takes action through service to those in need, and magnifies God’s love in the world.

Impacting the lives of thousands of young people and their families since the 1970s


For the past 42 years, Capuchin Family Ministries (CFM) has been changing the world, one life at a time.

CFM is about the power of Gospel community to change lives through the transformative nature of the programs, in which participants experience God calling them into a relationship with Him through the love experienced in the community created. We go into the world to give of ourselves as disciples, serving God by serving our brothers and sisters, and building the Kingdom.

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In addition to these programs, CFM also runs a variety of events: including various retreats specifically geared toward families and women; Living Stations of the Cross; Saints for Youth, and a Family Festiva.

The community of CFM is an integral part of what makes the retreat and service experi­ences so powerful. The love of Christ is the driving force that compels families and individ­uals to come together frequently to pray, work, serve, support, and celebrate.

The God’s TYM (Total Youth Ministry) program is run in various parishes in the Hudson Valley through a model supplied by CFM. The God’s TYM model allows for a comprehen­sive approach to youth ministry and incorporates catechesis, community service, prayer and liturgy, and a social aspect.

The programs run by CFM fall into three main categories: Retreats and Outreach, which can be found on their respective pages on the website, as well as God’s TYM.


CFM is also blessed to have Cap Corps Volunteers who aid in the planning and running of retreats and programs. The Cap Corps Volunteer program, begun in 1993 as the Lay Assistant program, enables young adults to give a year of their life to serve the Lord and their commu­nity. They live and work in Christian community and have become an essential part of the CFM community as a whole.

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CFM’s mission is to support young people and their families to grow in a personal relationship with God.  We do this through our retreats and outreach programs and then send these young people and their families back to their parish communities to live a life of discipleship.

Parish Missions

Invite CFM’s team of friars and Cap Corps Volunteers to lead your next parish mission to engage the whole parish, especially young people and their families.

Parish Prayer and Service Days

CFM’s staff will lead an intergenerational experience in your parish which combines prayer, service, reflection and fellowship. The faith of young and old is energized and renewed through the Gospel fellowship and service, culminating with participation in a parish mass and a meal together.

Parish Family Retreat

CFM’s retreats for families and young and older parishioners can bring new life to the Advent or Lenten journey.Family Bible Journey seeks to have participants make the Bible a part of daily personal and family life.

Come to the Table juxtaposes the Eucharistic and Family dinner tables with a result of a deeper appreciation of both.


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"This is what is needed: a Church for young people, which will know how to speak to their heart and enkindle, comfort, and inspire enthusiasm in it with the joy of the Gospel and the strength of the Eucharist."

- Saint Pope John Paul II